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The beer against climate change

The threat posed by climate change to natural reserves has just added another powerful enemy: the beer industry, determined to help the planet to "survive the next century." Beer is made with natural elements. We use agriculture, water ... all natural, so we have to...

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9 curiosities about beer

The beer it is low in calories: the "beer belly" is a widespread myth, but not at all a reality. Beer is one of the least caloric drinks, with an average of 45 Kcal / 100ml, a figure that drops to 17 Kcal / 100ml in the case of the non-alcoholic variety. Therefore,...

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10 benefits of beer

Recent research shows that beer can be good for your health. Beer has a vasodilator effect and helps us prevent strokes, since it prevents the formation of blood clots that block the flow to the heart and brain. However, we must remember that the key to take advantage...

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Christmas is here!!!

Christmas came, the time of year that is full of expectations and good wishes. The moment in which our houses, and the streets, are dressed in lights and filled with decorations. It is the moment when gifts appear under the tree and songs are played throughout the...

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The new video campaign is ready

We are proud to announce that here we will share with you our video campaigns of Paris Export Beer. What can you expect? A lot of unique people, uniques as you are, sharing the best moments around a fresh Paris Export Beer. Remember that our beer, yes, our, yours and...

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Beer Yoga

With people becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to lead a healthy life new fashions are emerging so that physical exercise is performed in the funniest and lightest way possible. One of the latest trends in this field is the Beer Yoga, which is exactly...

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