The threat posed by climate change to natural reserves has just added another powerful enemy: the beer industry, determined to help the planet to “survive the next century.”

Beer is made with natural elements. We use agriculture, water … all natural, so we have to do things for the environment or we will not be a lasting business, we will not be here in 100 years.

We need to find ways to continue making beer, reducing the environmental impact and, eventually, even helping nature to recover. If we solve our problems we also help the planet.

Think of the water. Water is key, because many ingredients can be used to make beer, but “all formulas include water.”

The perception is that we extract a lot of water, and therefore we need to be part of the solution. If we can get some of that water back and help with a start-up, it’s a great opportunity, right? There are already a couple of them that can draw water from the air!

Celebrations, birthdays, weddings … there is always beer. We can unite the world around a sustainability program and have a great influence on the earth.

The final goal? That your children and grandchildren have a better world in which to live, and where they drink beer.


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